Thursday, September 25, 2008

Etsy Find: Mint Conspiracy & Softlife & Zygopsyche

I've recently fallen in love with soft little squishy plushies. Yay! They make great gifts for birthdays, holidays and other such festivities that merit presents. Lots of homemade lovin' and in addition to that each creature has it's own unique personality.  

Check out Mint Conspiracy's cute cute cute little monsters and Somethings who sort of My Neighbor Totoro-ish.  

Also, Softlife has super unique little creatures that each inspire photo stories blog, some a little morbid, some so simple and cute,
 and all hilariously loaded with the sort of dry humor I love.  

I miss my kitty...all soft and fluffy...suffocating me with his obesity and overwhelming fluff. Zygopsyche's cuddly bunnies and guinea pigs make me happy though. I can at least pretend they are Vinny.