Thursday, October 30, 2008

Magical, Magical Floating Crystal Island

Ana Laura Perez

Uschi Obermaier: Eight Miles High

A film that supplies the whole package: Eight Miles High.

So amazing. Why wasn't I born in the 1960's? I'm bitter.

So this is a film about the famous German model/muse Uschi Obermaier. A sexy rock and roll vixen with a gorgeous head of hair. She seduces men like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, travels the world wearing the most beautiful clothes or sometimes none at really doesn't matter, and she dances like an ethereal goddess of music.

The real Uschi Obermaier:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Steve McPherson Book Art

I'm speechless...thank you to one of my favorite blogs Dear Ada for leading me to Steve McPherson's brilliant artwork. It's magical. 

The Selby

Here are some magnificent photos for inspiration in your home from The Selby

christina, lowe, swaim- designers of obedient sons & daughters

chuck and ryan- fashion designers

chase- musician and student

meryl- artist

YES WE CARVE: Barack O' Lanterns

This site is sooo brilliant! Why not support Obama on our beloved holiday of Halloween? Take advantage of those brightly glowing pumpkins in the dark and visit YES WE CARVE

You can also print out stencils here if you're like me and not the most talented pumpkin carver...


I've been staring at this photo for 15 minutes....

I've also found the perfect set of blog postings...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Target Women

Thank you TIME magazine for reviewing Target Women on your Short List this week! I'm obsessed! 
For all you who don't know about it yet, a funny funny woman named Sarah Haskins chooses a themed selection of silly commercials or TV clips that are targeted at women and makes fun of them. I don't feel like I can really do it much justice simply describing it to you so you'll have to check it out. Here are two of my favorite videos...don't worry only about 3 minutes long...and well worth your time.  

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Material World: A Global Family Portrait

In need of a new tabletop book? Check out Material World
I'm too lazy right now to post a review about it but here's the basics of what it's about from Amazon. 

"Photographers spent one week living with a "statistically average" family in each country, learning about their work, their attitudes toward their possessions, and their hopes for the future. Then a "big picture" shot of the family was taken outside the dwelling, surrounded by all their (many or few) material goods."

Steampunk Curiosities

The Steampunk subculture seems to be on the rise. Just look at Etsy...there seems like there are more and more Steampunk items features on the home page every day! 
Personally, I don't own anything Steampunk-ish. BUT I do covet all those watch part rings, victorian corsets, and pilot goggles. Most of these things however are a bit out of my price range...but just looking at the photos and dreaming about them seem to bring some sort of satisfaction for now.  

P.s. Halloween costume anyone?

Necklace & Tin Journal- Fatal Attraction 

The Floating World Zine- Miss Chickie 

Castle In The Sky (Movie)

Bustle Belt- Wandlung

Typewriter Ring- 19 Moons 

The City of Lost Children (Movie)

Lithograph Corset- Louise Black 

Victorian Spats- Straight Razer Slasher 

Young Sherlock Holmes (Movie)

Make your own Steampunk crafts with tons of watch parts- Staci Jill 

Jason de Caires Taylor: Underwater Sculptures

A sculpture park deep under the ocean ...haunting...magical...beautiful...brilliant. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Etsy Find: Temporary Tattoos

Lately I've been obsessed with the temporary tattoos that are taking a whole new wearable turn. I just bought some amazing ones from the sellers Molly Murphy and Electrik Pink Pirate. From Molly Murphy I bought this beyond beautiful illustration of a sailor girl. And from Electrik Pink Pirate I bought 4 elvish tattoos! Super nerdy of me I know but you HAVE to admit that elvish is super beautiful to look at right? 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kicking It: The Homeless World Cup

I now have a new film added to my top five documentary list...Kicking It. Kicking it follows teams of homeless men and women who are vying for a spot to represent their country in the 4th annual Homeless World Cup in South Africa. From each country, there is a focus on one person from the team including Afghanistan, Kenya, Dublin, Madrid, and North Carolina. Each of these people tells their sad tale of living on the streets and tells of their struggles with overcoming addictions, past regrets, and their hopes for a better life. 

It's so inspiring to see the healing process that soccer can provide. Soccer holds so much hope for redemption in these people and the Homeless World Cup gives a voice to those who are so often ignored. 

Some stats on the Homeless World Cup:

In 2006, 48 countries competed in the 4th annual Homeless World Cup.
One year later...
92% players have a new motivation for life
73% have changed their lives for the better
93 players successfully addressed a drug or alcohol dependency
35% have secured regular employment
44% have improved their housing situation
39% chose to pursue education
72% continue to play football

If you're moved by this amazing grassroots organization, I would really encourage you to check out Global Giving's Kicking It film section where you can donate money to any of the teams featured in the movie! Each of the donations are super specific to each team for example, $10 to the US team will buy a weekly bus pass for a player to use to get to soccer practice, $10 to the Kenya team will buy a player food for a week, and $10 will also buy a soccer ball for the homeless populations of Ireland, Afghanistan, UK, Russia, or Spain. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shopping With Betsy!

From Betsy With Love is an amazing retro pin-up style blog that I just recently came across.  It's so inspirational and definitely has a different vibe than most of the sites I a good way of course!
I want to highlight her new "Shopping with Betsy" section that is sooooo inspirational. If you decide to check it out, make sure to set aside a looong time for web shopping overstimulation. 

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Halloween Wish List

Sooo...I'm a BIG fan of Halloween. The costume choosing and creating process is thrilling. But the best part of it all in my opinion is the house decorating. So I thought I'd make a list of all the stuff I'd like to get this year to decorate my new house! Enjoy! And maybe it will inspire some spooky ooky ideas for you. 

Witchcraft Chest

Instant Cemetery

Lace Lamp Shade (i want this SO bad but it's out of stock! if anyone sees it elsewhere let me know)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Young @ Heart

I just finished watching the documentary Young @ Heart and I'm completely in love. Who knew old people could be so sassy? 
The documentary follows a rock music cover group made up of men and women with an average age of 80. They tour the world singing Coldplay, the Ramones, David Bowie and draw audiences in with their overwhelming  joie de vie. And the film interlaces these crazy badass music videos of the chorus that will bring a smile to your face that can't be helped.
Ugh...I give up on trying to sum it all up. It's too unique and too...well...more than all that. Basically just watch it. You'll see what I mean.