Thursday, October 16, 2008

Steampunk Curiosities

The Steampunk subculture seems to be on the rise. Just look at Etsy...there seems like there are more and more Steampunk items features on the home page every day! 
Personally, I don't own anything Steampunk-ish. BUT I do covet all those watch part rings, victorian corsets, and pilot goggles. Most of these things however are a bit out of my price range...but just looking at the photos and dreaming about them seem to bring some sort of satisfaction for now.  

P.s. Halloween costume anyone?

Necklace & Tin Journal- Fatal Attraction 

The Floating World Zine- Miss Chickie 

Castle In The Sky (Movie)

Bustle Belt- Wandlung

Typewriter Ring- 19 Moons 

The City of Lost Children (Movie)

Lithograph Corset- Louise Black 

Victorian Spats- Straight Razer Slasher 

Young Sherlock Holmes (Movie)

Make your own Steampunk crafts with tons of watch parts- Staci Jill 

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