Saturday, March 21, 2009

Emmanuel Polanco

I am in love with Emmanuel Polanco's dark collage art aren't you? He's really fearless in his composition in my opinion. I'm a fan. 

I Want...

Someday I will have a red panda for a pet...doesn't it sort of resemble those one of those fuzzy caterpillars?

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Hulu Feature Films

You're in luck! Hulu has recently added some AMAZING new feature films to it's library including a few of my much loved documentaries that I've blogged about here. I'm especially happy that they've added "Kicking It" a documentary about the homeless world cup which I think was one of the most amazing documentaries I've EVER seen and now a whole new audience is going to be able to view it! Click here to visit my past review about Kicking It. 
And just in case you're lazy, I've decided to provide my top picks from Hulu's collection of films for your viewing pleasure...enjoy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lomography Test Run

So this is a bit embarrassing but I've had my Holga camera for over a year now and I just developed the first role....I think I've still got to get the hang of it but here are a few of my favorite mistakes:

Etsy Find: Something's Hiding Here

Thanks to my good friend Moorea's blog The Rumination Room, I've happened upon the most wonderfully inspirational set of people I've heard of in quite some time. 
The Etsy shop Something's Hiding Here is a mesh of creations from Shauna & Stephen who just HAPPEN to be the coolest couple ever. Their studio is so amazing I just can't believe how creative these people are. Luckily, we can all share in a bit of the magic by watching their recent interview with the Etsy video team featured below!

Also, as I went about exploring their blog and shop I was wonderfully inspired by these glittered up elephant figurines. So inspired in fact that I plan on making  some of my own for my new shadow box yay! 

The Money Honey Bee

Here are two of my favorite Daily Show sketches from the past few weeks. Hilarious right? But oh so sad at the same time.....

Belgian Autochromists

So I know you all are going to LOVE this post....
Magical aren't they? I just can't get enough of these misty photographs from the past.
The costumed ones were taken by Alfonse Van Besten who had a penchant for medieval maidens it seems. Obviously, he's my favorite for that very reason. What a clever clever man. 

All of these photographs were taken during the early 1900's using one of the first methods for color photos available to photographers: the autochrome process. To read more visit here
Thanks to From Betsy With Love for the link

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

1916 image of young girls selling shamrocks

I Don't Even Know What To Do....

So I'm supposed to be going to bed right now and get some sleep for a big final I have tomorrow but....I just saw these new Nike liberty print dunks that are supposedly oh-so-exclusive. I don't know what to do...they are PERFECT! A friend of mine once said that my bed looks like a bouquet puked on it (meaning it's just covered in a million different old lady flower prints) and then I see these shoes and it's almost like I could just be wearing my bed around with me all day long! 
Why do they have to be limited edition! Why do they have to be $100??? I wish wish wish I could own a pair...since I wrote about this right before sleep I'm hoping I'll get to wear them at least in my dreams...cross your fingers...night! 
Oh and by the way, the ones I'll be dreaming about are the patchwork ones but I'd be happy with any!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Edgar Muller Street Art

Just LOOKING at some of these makes me scared that I'm going to fall down some sort of apocalyptic hole in the road! Edgar Muller is a street artist who paints these often terrifying images on streets around the world which are quite obviously enjoyed by cheese ball tourists and I'm sure pretty much everyone else too. I wish he'd do one in Seattle. Come visit Edgar Muller! We have some amaaazing streets!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bab'Aziz: The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul

You MUST see this movie! I watched it last night and was absolutely mesmerized by the beautiful language, cinematography, and music. Bab' Aziz is filmed in Iran and Tunisia and is basically an allegory illustrating the mystical religion of Sufism. I've developed a real respect for their poetic practices and the general serenity that their faith embodies by watching Bab' Aziz and I really hope that you'll take my advice and rent it. 

Recommendation: Read up on the Sufi religion on Wikipedia before watching the film because there were some basic terms that were used often that unless you know what they mean the film will be a bit harder to follow. Specifically focus on dervish and the concept of Love.  

You also might recognize "Sufi whirling", a dance where dervishes twirling around, from The Fall. This film reminded me a lot of The Fall because of the whole "story within a story" plot. So if you liked that film I would strongly suggest you see this one as well. Yay!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Conundrum: Which One?

Okay so I need your opinion....which do you think of these tees and which do you like best? I can't resist these they are so awesome plus they're only $20! A steal right? Find them at Wowch.

P.S.- this one isn't for sale anymore :( I would have boughten it in a second!

The Story of Stuff

This short 20 minute film by Annie Leonard is something I think everyone needs to view. It answers a lot of questions that need to be answered and nothing is sugar coated. The Story of Stuff is actually very cute, it has the feel of an Apple commercial and flows by in an understandable and interesting way. 
So I've decided to compile all the parts of the film into one post for your viewing pleasure. Or if you'd rather watch it all in one you can visit The Story of Stuff website. Enjoi!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kelborne Castle & The Graffiti Project

Although I almost hate to see those beautiful castle walls painted white, this fluid rainbow of surrealist artwork adds sort of a modern romantic edge to Scotland's Kelburn castle. 

"The idea was simple and original: take the vibrant and often transient art form of Brazilian graffiti, out of its predominantly urban context and apply it to the ancient and permanent walls of an historic rural castle in Scotland."

A team of 4 of Brazil's leading graffiti artists came together with some of Scotland's best to collaborate on this controversial painting of the south side of the turrets and walls of Kelburn castle. It's like each side of the grounds would look like separate fantastical realms. One where all sorts of that misty medieval castle stuff happened, and the other like a Dr. Suess and Rainbow Bright wonderland. 

Lost Fairy Tale: The Twelve Dancing Princesses

There was a king who had twelve beautiful daughters. They slept in twelve beds all in one room and when they went to bed, the doors were shut and locked up. However, every morning their shoes were found to be quite worn through as if they had been danced in all night. Nobody could find out how it happened, or where the princesses had been.

Down they all went, and at the bottom they found themselves in a most delightful grove of trees; and the leaves were all of silver, and glittered and sparkled beautifully. They came to another grove of trees, where all the leaves were of gold; and afterwards to a third, where the leaves were all glittering diamonds. On the other side of the lake stood a fine, illuminated castle from which came the merry music of horns and trumpets. There they all landed, and went into the castle, and each prince danced with his princess.

They danced on till three o'clock in the morning, and then all their shoes were worn out, so that they were obliged to leave.

To read the whole story of the twelve dancing princesses by The Brothers Grimm, visit SurLaLune. You can also check out versions from around the world it's all so very intriguing! 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

N.E.E.T March '09 Issue

Yay so happy that N.E.E.T online magazine has just put out a new issue for March '09! The last one was put out in December and since then I've been growing a little impatient to be honest. But now all that is behind me...check out the newest issue here!

If you're not yet familiar with N.E.E.T magazine, it's a independent virtual collection of all the best new Etsy finds, vintage clothing shops, and odds and ends, plus every month the fashion spreads just get better and better in my opinion. My experience with N.E.E.T is that I NEVER go away without finding at least 10 new crafters to watch and drooling over at least a dozen vintage dresses I'd love to own. And the best part is that whenever you seen something you like, just click on the link and it will open in a new page so you can shop and browse the mag at the same time! So go go go right now and you'll be so happy you did. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thank You Stephen King

Thank you for Stephen King for saying what we all are thinking...

"Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people. ... The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good."

I have nothing against books like the Twilight series for young adults mind you, but when the writing is being compared to books like the Harry Potter series and grown adults are saying it's their favorite book I just....don't know what to say.

If you are 15-ish or younger I highly recommend the Twilight series. It's a wonderful introduction to love, fantasy, and sexual tension. But if you are older...please PLEASE move on.

Oh and just so you know I have read the first Twilight novel in the series and all the Harry Potter books so I'm writing all this from an informed perspective. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Vote Earth

Debilitating Dreams

Have you ever had one of those dreams that just tortures you so much you can't seem to wake up or move on? 

I just had one of those....I was supposed to wake up at 8am but here I am at 10am just getting started. I couldn't get myself out of bed because the pain of my dream was just too much to bear waking to!

I'm hoping that by writing it down, the ouch factor will just stick to the page. Cross your fingers for me!