Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bab'Aziz: The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul

You MUST see this movie! I watched it last night and was absolutely mesmerized by the beautiful language, cinematography, and music. Bab' Aziz is filmed in Iran and Tunisia and is basically an allegory illustrating the mystical religion of Sufism. I've developed a real respect for their poetic practices and the general serenity that their faith embodies by watching Bab' Aziz and I really hope that you'll take my advice and rent it. 

Recommendation: Read up on the Sufi religion on Wikipedia before watching the film because there were some basic terms that were used often that unless you know what they mean the film will be a bit harder to follow. Specifically focus on dervish and the concept of Love.  

You also might recognize "Sufi whirling", a dance where dervishes twirling around, from The Fall. This film reminded me a lot of The Fall because of the whole "story within a story" plot. So if you liked that film I would strongly suggest you see this one as well. Yay!


Moorea Seal said...

i'm so excited to rent it! ps... when i am done stressing out about my senior show in 3 weeks... can we hangout and catch up? i miss your shining face girly.

akhbar said...

estacy of seems that we should know the state of Perfect Man...Alchem of the Happiness.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Just want to make sure you know that sufism is not a religion it is the mystical tradition of Islam, the religion of 1.6 billion Muslims.