Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Fall

Movie tickets now cost $9.50, a staggering price for college students with no available discounts. It used to be that I would go to a movie, whether I actually wanted to see it or not, purely for something to do with friends and to get out of the house. But now when I go to the movies I have to be sure it's going to be a great film, one that will be better on the big screen, highly entertaining, moving, unique, and overall worth my precious $9.50. 

This is why I recommend that if you're thinking about a trip to the theaters, you see The Fall. I say this because it is beautiful. The scenes are beautiful, the characters are beautiful, and seeing the film on the big screen makes you feel such beautiful emotions as you are swept away to a fantasy land. really makes you laugh and the little girl is sooooooo cute. 

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Allie said...

Oh my God. I have been waiting for this film to come out for two months. And I REALLY hope I get to see it sometime this week. I'm glad you approved of it. PS: Are you going to be in Seattle this summer? If so, we should def hang out.