Monday, May 26, 2008

Tribute To Boe Oddisey

Boe Oddisey....what can I say but that you are the essence of sunshine. I honor you in this post for your wonderful contribution to the Seattle community and all the happiness your spread each year at Folklife and other such festivals. 

Boe's Bio: 
BOE ODDISEY is a Vegan Wiccan Practitioner, head of the Silver Fox Coven in Seattle, Washington, and Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church.

I found this amazing photo of Boe on the SLOG and it was amazing to read the comments people left below it! Here are some examples:

- If any seattle fixture is screaming to be the subject of a documentary it's this guy. he needs a wikipedia page or something.

-This guy walks the neighborhood, with one of those 3-foot gripper grabber things, picking up garbage. He's out there a lot, apparently without any need for praise, picking up your garbage. How many of you are so worried about your expensive hipster shoes you wouldn't even step on garbage, much less pick it up? Old gay hippy man rules!

-Bo carried a 7 foot peace sign at every rally or march in the city for a decade ... before the scarfs. He has long liked a sorta of trans garb, dresses, beads, and so forth.

His long time partner died about two years ago. There was an obit in SGN. Forget his name, but they sued Puyallup fair and WON. The Fair had ejected them in the late 90ies becausue they were wearing leather chaps and jock which showed some butt.

They not only won, but collected some money.

Go, Bo and long life. And just always, always do your thing.

Peace to all, in short supply right now.


David Stephen Ball-Romney said...

Boe Oddisey has a beautiful spirit, he brings his heart to the rituals and opens his heart like the blinding light of noon.

I'm honored to know him.

Nik said...

i saw Boe today at the fremont street fair and he didn't dance )=

Julianna said...

Noooo that's so sad! I hope you just caught him at a weird time! He has to dance....he's Boe for goodness sakes!

Lauren jonczak said...

Great post and video. My boyfriend is also ordained by Universal Life Church. I will have to send him this post. Thanks so much for sharing.