Thursday, July 2, 2009

Colin Thompson

If you've ever visited Gelaskins for a new phone or laptop cover, you might recognize Colin Thomson's "Bookshelf" or "Underworld" (which is the one I have for my mac). He's an amazing artist and I've always been drawn to his detailed illustrations.

Well...yesterday and I browsed the sale bin at Borders I found a large picture book titled "How To Live Forever" and I recognized right away the Thomson's style that adorned the cover. Of course as I'm a fan of children's book and his work I had to buy it! (only $5)

It's a story about a library that houses all books ever written which come to life every night. It's so beautifully illustrated and all the little hidden details kept me reading longer than the short story demanded.
After discovering this book I've realized that Colin Thompson actually has a huge collection of storybooks that he's written! Here are a few of them. I can't wait to get ahold of more and you should join in the search with me. These books and Colin's work are so worth it!

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Hayley said...

wow, his drawings are so interesting!