Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Backpacker Cat

This is the dream life....starting in 2008 this couple started on a 3 year, 9000 mile journey from Miami to the far tip of Argentina....with their KITTY!
News of their travels are recorded on their blog Turn of the World and plenty of video clips document their incredible adventures and most importantly the cutest cat in the world.
I know that the second clip is in French but even if you don't understand a single word like me, the point gets across just fine...the sense of wanderlust isn't just for humans, cats live for it just the same.

Thanks to Cute Overload for introducing me.


Allie said...

That is so amazing. What a beautiful life that kitty lives.

Travellers Craft said...

crazy french! can't imagine what the quarantine must have cost them!