Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shannon Archuleta: Botanical Tattoo Extraordinaire

Someday I dream of heading out to San Fran's Mission District and getting a botanical tattoo from Shannon Archuleta. She's is SERIOUSLY the BEST tattoo artist I've ever come across, specifically when it comes to her brilliant botanical, Mucha, and Mehndhi inspired tattoos! She seems to really understand the contours of the body and how best to accentuate different areas. I wish I could share all my favorites here but unfortunately her flickr photos are restricted. But I highly encourage everyone to sort through all her photos. They are BEYOND inspiring. P.s. Some of these are obviously in progress, can you imagine how beautiful they will be one they're complete? My God!

1 comment:

amberdixie17 said...

Fantastic work of art. I was really amazed by this one. Keep posting!

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