Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I don't even know where this post came from honestly. But here it is....those of you afraid of amazingly cute things beware....bunnies, easily confused with kitties, are too cute not to dedicate a post to. Don't you agree?  

Faerie Wing Tutorial

I finally found a faerie wing tutorial that actually gave me some authentic ideas! No more cheesy looking glitter glue wings, this is the real thing!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Recent Readings

It's the summertime and therefore I live in the happy little glow of books. I've read quite a lot recently in my opinion...probably has a little sumin' sumin' to do with the fact that I work at a bookshop now...maybe. 
Anyways, I thought maybe you would like to hear about a few books I've recently enjoyed. And you should definitely start checking out the ones that sound interesting to you! Happy book worming!

P.S- I know reviews would be nice in helping you to decide what might satisfy your tastes....unfortunately I started writing reviews and had a really REALLY hard time keeping them short and sweet...they were VERY long and didn't really make sense....therefore I suggest looking them up via Amazon. Yay!

THREE CUPS OF TEA by Greg Mortenson and Oliver Relin



VALENCIA by Michelle Tea

THE STOLEN CHILD by Keith Donohue

Thursday, July 24, 2008

BibliOdyssey: THE BOOK!

So I just found out...although I'm sort of embarrassed it took me so long...that one of my favorite inspiration sites BibliOdyssey, released a book containing all their wonderful archives of illustrations!

It's only $23.07 on Amazon, which seems to me like a great deal to what I'm sure will be an excellent addition to my bookshelf.

And if you yourself are not interested in the book, I would suggest at least visiting the blog because of its notoriously eclectic postings on all types of book illustrations. It will reveal a whole new creative space to explore. Trust me!

Sublime Stitching

So last Christmas I decided to save some money and put a lot of love into the gifts for my friends. Therefore, I decided to try embroidering some vintage handkerchiefs. Sublime Stitching is definitely THE place to get supplies and patterns. I've since used their patterns for many crafting projects and recently bought two more patterns that are sooooo cool, one by the amazing artist Emily Martin (plus her blog is really fun).

Just thought I would share them with you and tell you to try it out!!! It's super easy to learn to do and I've found it very therapeutic. PLUS it's a super thrifty way to make personalized gifts!

Moleskine: Art Design Center Conference

I honestly think that Moleskine journals hold magical powers to inspire huge amounts of creativity in those who use them. Here are some videos from the Art Center Design Conference that display inspirational pages from artists and their own Moleskines.
Link found via Dear Ada


Let me start by saying that "Carmensita" is one of my favorite songs off Devendra's new-ish album Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Mountain.
But...I'm not sure how I feel about the Natalie Portman thing...actually yeah I am. I think it's a mistake. What were you thinking Devendra?!
You have a chance to choose some unknown exotic beauty to reveal her face to the world and instead you use the predicatable go to girl Natalie Portman?! It just seems like Natalie Portman for Natalie Portman's sake.
Thankfully, Devendra still looks great and appears in all his usual god-like splendor. I'm going to try not to hold this against you...

And to follow up that's my favorite Devendra video to clear your palate.

Wow....I don't even know what to say.....look at this article I just came across. If this really is world is DEFINITELY shaken!