Sunday, June 21, 2009


Abandoned dwellings have always held so much mystery and fascination for me. It's that strange ghost town effect you know?
Well here are some lonely little places I found through 100 Abandoned Houses and If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger... take them into your heart and dream about their stories tonight. These places make excellent dream backdrops don't you think?


leila wylie said...

When I lived in Florida me and my friends used to drive to the middle of nowhere looking for abandoned buildings. It was really fun! Unfortunately, it´s not really a good idea to do it where I live now, in Baltimore.

RO.MA. said...

Just found your blog through one of my internet searches...

I misspelled vial [spelled it vile!] <- :[) anyways, I was having a brain fart and could not think of how to spell it so I googled it and then a picture of some came up but one of the pictures was of jewelry from Unearthen and oddly enough I am redoing my resume right now and was just correcting the spelling for vile under my unearthen internship that I had with Gia back in New York!!! :[) So funny! Anyways... love your blog, and this post!!