Thursday, June 18, 2009


If you live ANYWHERE close to the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle you have to make a special trip to the newly opened Snacks! right now.

I've been complaining forever that there are no places around here to go for quick lunch breaks because the area is basically all sit down restaurants. And now there is an answer to my prayers (took me 8 minutes to walk there and get a dog) and that is Snacks! If you've ever visited Dante's Inferno Dogs hotdog stand during Sunday Market then you'll die to see that your favorite veggie dogs are served all day (and weekend late nights) long!
Inside you'll find a casual set up of cheap candies, beer, snack foods (duh), ice cream, and other grocery staples. Plus there's a special notepad for customer requests!

5219 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA

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Allie said...

Sweeeeet! I read about it on Daily Candy, but I'm glad to read a first-hand account of it from you! What a genius idea, I really can't wait to go.