Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FaerieWorlds 2008

For all of you who missed out on FaerieWorlds in Eugene, OR this year...I wanted to share a little taste of the wonderous world of Faerie. I was only there for two days and was extremely sad to leave. The smells were delicious and the people there were the friendliest I've ever met! 

For my costume, I made the faerie wings from the tutorial shown in my last post. I know I copied them completely, but in the time I had to finish them I was too pressed for time to experiment. The only thing I changed was that I wasn't able to find strong enough wire to hold the shape after the stockings had been added. I bought cheap wings from a costume shop, cut off the nylon on them, and added my own so that I could have a clean slate. It works out wonderfully although it was harder to create a strong enough base to keep them from flopping around. As you can tell in the picture, they are a big saggy by the end of the day...but you get the picture. Post. Script. I made the tutu also. 

I was lucky enough to hang out with the lovely Cleo Wolfus who creates beyond beautiful dredfalls. I never wanted to leave her booth because the colors and textures surrounding me were so magical, they truly embodied the essence of FaerieWorlds. I'm wearing the pair I bought in the picture above. To get your own, check out Cleo's Etsy shop!

Here are such a few of my favorite photos from the festival:

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Laume said...

Awwww, the photo of the two baby fae is adorable. The one in the red polka dots is my granddaughter. Any chance I can get a larger copy from you for my personal use?

I have lots of photos up at Flickr if you want to see if I caught you flying through any of them. Under people I'm "Elpheba" and the set is called "Faerieworlds 2008".

Isn't Faerieworlds just the magical place ever!