Thursday, November 6, 2008

Actor Timeline: Gad Elmaleh he's only been in two films so far (well at least only two films on Netflix), but he has the most magnetic onscreen personality I've witnessed in a long time. Gad Elmaleh is a goofy french comedian whose film The Valet, I just bought...

Oh! before I forget...Netflix has decided to stop selling their previously viewed DVDs so they've all been marked down! Get them while you can! yeah don't really finish like finishing that thought anymore. Anyways, enjoy the trailers including Priceless, a Breakfast At Tiffany's semi-remake starring Audrey Tautou! I recommend watching these on a night when you need some cheering up. Ta Da!

Priceless (2006)- comes out on DVD Nov. 18th

The Visitor (2006)

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Allie said...

Putting BOTH of these in my Queue. AND probs purchasing DVDs. Thanks for telling me!