Sunday, November 16, 2008

Husbands, Love Your Wives

Last night at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard, I saw the cutest girl of my life! Jamie Spiess from Husbands, Love Your Wives performed the most poetic, heartbreaking, and magical music I've heard in a long time. 

She recently got out of the hospital, for what I'm not sure, so on Tuesday at the Sunset Tavern there is a benefit show to help raise money to pay her medical bills. Anyone who sees this girl will want to do whatever they can to help her. It's only $8 and a bunch of bands including The Maldives and Grand Hallway are playing so come enjoy yourself for a good cause okay?

So here's a photo of Jamie Spiess from her page on which she wrote, 

"Husbands, love your wives is a big fan of anything tiny and magical. Like miniature horses by the bundle, or tiny babies floating in seashells on the sea. She really enjoys sleeping, and baking little cakes,, or writing songs about her hair."

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Allie said...

She is so beautiful. And I love her artist statement.