Monday, June 30, 2008

TIME Top 50 Sites of 2008

WOW! What a wonderful thing to have all these amazing sites to check out easy as can be! 

TIME magazine....thank you!

Plus.....ugh and I know I'm totally nerdy....BUT I'm sorta kinda embarrassingly happy that Gaia made it to #2!!

The Caravan of Curiosities

You may wonder my sources for finding all these unique sites, artists, and inspirations I blog about...
I just want to take a moment to pay my respects to the blogs that have given me such a great deal of joy and have really taken me deeper in my appreciation for these things. And also to thank them for allowing me to share their ideas and finds with the all of you! 

So are some wonderful discoveries for you to get lost in....(in no specific order)

The Free People Blog aka Caravan of Curiosities

If I Only Had $1500...

A new Audrey Kawasaki print is available everyone! This one is especially unique because it was hand pressure printed using an incredibly intricate process I don't think I've ever heard of before...
I had to say I think that it's one my favorite prints she's sold thus far. And if you happen to have $1500 lying around I would suggest to snatch one up quick because they go super fast! 

P.s- My dream is to someday own my very own Audrey Kawasaki print....donations anyone?

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Perfect Piece

Bravo to Amy Sol for creating a piece of art that embodies the perfect pairing of a unicorn and a princess. I think it really embodies our human connection to the ethereal. I just can't get enough!

Thank you thank you Amy Sol for creating something so lovely! 

Friday, June 13, 2008

Shameless Plug: Abraxus Books

If you'd like to visit a huge open library of used books and great finds, visit Abraxus Books in Ballard!

Located on 24th and 57th in the old Ballard Library wahoo!

Etsy Find: Rivka's Mom

While a little out of my price range, Rivka's Mom makes unbelievably unique and beautiful Steampunk-ish creations that are hard to resist. 

If you're more of a crafter yourself, here's her other site Sweet 15, that provides great watch part lots for amazing prices! Enjoy!

DIY Sequin Art!!!

Thank you to the FreePeople blog, Caravan of Curiosities for such a wonderful, amazing crafting idea! I'm so excited to try this out....although I don't have much wall space left with all the picture frames I've been seems like it must be done simply for the sheer pleasure of making something so dang sparkley!

Here's some info on how to make your own!

"For our proto, our designer actually hand sewed each sequin on by hand, and then left a space for the screen printed flower applique. She does not recommend doing that yourself! Luren suggests going to a fabric store and buying a small amount of sequined fabric, maybe the stretchy variety. This could be a little expensive, so another great alternative would be to find some sequined wonder of a dress at a thrift store for a couple of dollars. That way you would be recycling material and not spending much $$. The fabric can them be fixed onto a frame of canvas stretchers and decorated as you like."

Cherry Blossom Girl

Oh la la! A new blog made by the beautiful little french fashion designer, Alix aka Cherry Blossom Girl. I don't exactly remember how I stumbled across her blog and I can't exactly read what she writes for the most part but the photographs she takes sustain me just fine. I've also found that she updates her blog quite regularly, which is very encouraging. 

My favorite thing is when she takes a film and captures the spirit of the costuming in fashions available now. Most recently she made 3 or 4 compilations each for young Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver and the old time animated Snow White! 


For those of you who are Etsy fans....let me introduce N.E.E.T online magazine. 

N.E.E.T is a monthly magazine solely online that features grassroots arts and EVERYTHING! It's super unique and definitely a jumping off point for introductions to a lot of my favorite blogs and crafting sites. 

It's so inspirational to see all these little crafters and fashionistas finally get the recognition they deserve!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Effects of Catnip on Kitties

Just wait until the trippy, hallucinogenic special effects at the end...

Seriously The Most Intense Thing I've Ever Seen

I really don't know what to say about this but that it blows my mind...

Apparently, two artists Dan Havel & Dean Ruck saw this house that was going to be demolished and decided to make it into a "trippy wooden war zone" just have to see for yourself. But I have to sincerely thank those two artists for bringing a bit of extra astonishment and awe to so many people.

Original Link from Free People Blog

Book Review: The Prairie Girl's Guide To Life

Alright so this summer one of my crafting goals is to make my very own quilt! Preferably as grandmotherly and patchworky as when I happened upon this book I bought it immediately off of

Since I've only briefly skimmed over the book so far I'm just going to highlight a few of the projects I just can't wait to start! Maybe you'll be inspired too....only $10.17! Pretty good for all these Little House On The Prairie ideas! Oh and just a plus note...the author Jennifer Worick is from Seattle, no wonder...I wonder what it is about Seattle that makes you daydream of old time crafting....

- Bake a Rhubarb Pie
- Embroider Towels
- Mix a Rosewater Spritzer 
- Mix Lavendar Linen Waters
- Embroider a Pillowcase (with a cool wagon wheel design)
- Knit a Shawl
- Whittle
- Learn to Waltz
- Arrange Wildflowers

Monday, June 2, 2008

Featured Designer: Built By Wendy

So I hadn't heard of Built By Wendy before until I saw her sewing patterns they sold at Urban Outfitters. I remember thinking what an amazing idea it was to offer REAL fashionable sewing patterns for people like me who wanted to be able to make something unique and special. Unfortunately, although I really appreciated the patterns........the styles just weren't for me. 

BUT recently I happened upon her site and although the prices are way beyond my price range....they are so beautiful they've inspired by to make my own patterns to reproduce them for myself! Wish me luck and I try to replicate my favorite looks!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Fall

Movie tickets now cost $9.50, a staggering price for college students with no available discounts. It used to be that I would go to a movie, whether I actually wanted to see it or not, purely for something to do with friends and to get out of the house. But now when I go to the movies I have to be sure it's going to be a great film, one that will be better on the big screen, highly entertaining, moving, unique, and overall worth my precious $9.50. 

This is why I recommend that if you're thinking about a trip to the theaters, you see The Fall. I say this because it is beautiful. The scenes are beautiful, the characters are beautiful, and seeing the film on the big screen makes you feel such beautiful emotions as you are swept away to a fantasy land. really makes you laugh and the little girl is sooooooo cute.