Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Collage Artist: Alexis MacKenzie

Who do you know? Immediately after coming across the artist in the below post, I find Alexis MacKenzie's fantastical clip art/book art collages! I could look at her Flickr account forever. It's wonderfully full of pieces like these and it's honestly hard to look away. I just want to take in every little detail, all those pieces of the past scrambled into something completely modern. Thank you Alexis! 


Endofmarch said...

I love all those collages!
thank you for your nice comment on my blog! Also, I realized that I never gave you an answer about doing a drawing for your header. I feel so bad about it, it just kind of slip my mind. I would love to try and do something for you, if you are still interested. You don't have to pay for it, but if you like the drawing, than you can buy it. It's good practice for me anyway.
Just send me an email :

Have a great day dear!


REread said...

some people are just so clever ... these are really great