Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Caspar Freidrich's Desolate Graves

In my modern art history class today we had a presentation on Romantic landscape painters. When a painting by Caspar Freidrich (1774-1840) came up I was immediately in love. Freidrich painted several images of dark, spooky grave sites that are just so wonderfully haunting that it's easy to get lost inside them wondering around in the stuff of nightmares. 

The Abbey in the Oakwood (1809-10)

Monastery Graveyard in the Snow (1819)

The Cemetery Entrance (1825)

Monument to Goethe (1835)

Winter (1808)

Ruins of Eldena (1824-25) - not of a graveyard but ruins are the next best thing

The Dreamer (1820-40) - again not a graveyard but I just couldn't leave it out


Allie said...

Woooo! Graveyards are magnificent.

Moorea Seal said...

very pretty!