Friday, January 30, 2009

The Can Can Castaways

In celebration of my beautiful friend Julie's 22nd birthday, a bunch of us got tickets to Cabaresque part of the Aerobotron series at the Can Can last night! It's hard to describe how wonderfully unique the experience was but I highly recommend it. It wasn't a typical burlesque show, but instead it was a series of comical little skits filled with acrobatics, cross dressing, dancing, and funky costumes. The music was a mix of Russian, Techno, and Alternative and I wish I could find a music set list because it was perfect!

Plus, real Absinthe is apparently legal now and the huge variety of Absinthe cocktails they served just added to the mysteriously seductive and intimate atmosphere, although I still stuck to champagne. 

Check out the Can Can Castaways (the performers from last night) and see videos and more pics. 

I ended up finding a few songs from the set list:

Daft Punk - "Technologic" 
Electric Light Orchestra- "Yours Truly 2095"
Of Montreal- "Oslo in the Summertime"
Electric Six- "High Voltage" 
Gogol Bordello- "Start Wearing Purple"
M.I.A.- "World Town"

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Krichael said...

it was SO GOOD! lets go again. but a later show so we can see free-flowing titties.