Wednesday, January 21, 2009

stella im hultberg's new blogs!

We all love stella im hultberg's beautiful tea stained prints right? But lately, i've been wondering what's been happening with her blog! Today I found out...she's moved to Blogger this month and she's been updating regularly ever since hurray! 

But that's not the only exciting news...Stella apparently has also had a inspirations & obsessions blog this whole time called Lovely Distractions! It's such an amazing reference site and you're guaranteed to find something new to love every time you visit. 

So check it out ladies and gents! You won't regret it!

Here are some of the new artists I've discovered today from the site...


Moorea Seal said...

fantastic!!! i was needing some artistic inspiration!

Rima said...

Hello Julianna.. thanks for visiting my hermitage.. pleased to meet you and I am intrigued by these works here.. I shall go investigating.
All the best to you