Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anemic? Try Blackstrap Molasses

I've always known that I had a tendency towards anemia but after taking a blood test recently I realized that my iron stores are becoming increasingly low. Being a vegetarian doesn't help things much either and after taking iron supplements regularly and realizing that they made a pretty insignificant difference, I've decided to really research some healthy choices I can start to make. 

The reason I'm posting about this for all you to read is that most of my readers are women and women have an especially high risk of anemia because of menstruation blah blah blah. Even if you aren't anemic, increasing your iron intake can help lighten cramps and give you more energy. And who doesn't want that?

What I wanted to share in particular was an old fashioned remedy...Blackstrap Molasses.
Blackstrap Molasses (best unsulphured) is created on the 3rd boiling of sugar syrup. It's basically a step up from regular molasses. Supposedly by taking 1 Tbl. first thing in the morning blackstrap molasses has been said to help cure acne, cancerous tumors, anxiety and tons of other health issues. Whether this is true or not the fact is that just 1 Tbl. has 20% of your daily iron intake! And if you're looking for calcium, it also contains 200 mg of it!

You can take a spoonful plain or mix it with your morning coffee, tea, or milk. Plus there are tons of other recipes for other uses all over the place online. Well I'm going to start trying this right now and if you decide to try it let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Here are a few sites I found helpful: 


leila wylie said...

This has really helped me with my anemia! I've been struggling with it for 7 years now and whenever I'm taking blackstrap molasses there is a definite improvement. Earth Clinic and WHFoods are two of my favorite websites!

Moorea Seal said...

awesommmme!!! i am super anemic!

Andrea said...

i did not know molasses had so much iron in it but i think am iron deficient too, so i will definitely try this!!!

Abi said...

This is neat, but doesn't the calcium in the molasses counteract the iron?