Friday, May 8, 2009

Swimsuit FOUND

Hurray I'm way ahead of the summer season this year because I just found two great bathing suits! The first is the Betsey Johnson "Rockin' Robin" suit and the second is the one from Victoria Secret which I got an sale for a total of $30! Which is even cheaper than it is online AND it was the last one! SO excited to find such a great deal because my swimsuit that's lasted for me for the past 4 years finally wore itself out and I have the hardest time finding suits that fit. When I wear it I feel like I should be shakin' my hips to "Beach Blanket Bingo". Victoria's is really having an amazing sale right now on their suits so if you're looking for one that's
 definitely my suggestion. Good luck! 


Allie said...

Love the daisy print!

Moorea Seal said...

cuuuuite, love the second one. is that victoria secrets?

Every Little Counts said...

i would love to find a retro inspired bikini a la beach blanket bingo!

have you seen clambake? it's one of my favorite elvis/ summer films.