Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Etsy Find: My Favorites

So I thought I'd share what shops and items are on my Etsy favorites list. Fun right?

I'm pretty selective with what I add to the list so I hope you're as blown away with the items on it as I am. 

Wolfie and the Sneak's "Illustrated Calendar" $25

Miniature Rhino's "book and letter hybrid" $10

Optic Waste's "Emma framed silhouette" $40

Amethyst Soap's "Turquoise & Amethyst Soaps" $18.99

Fairy Tale Fibers' "Fairy Hood in Storm and Plum" $47 (made right here in Ballard! Buy local)

Essimar's "Piaktok" $36

Wool and Water's "Delicate heart jointed paper doll" $12

Honey Lux's "Cameo framed print" $12

Lulu La Rue's "Summertime Lady Card" $3

1 comment:

jessica, a miniature rhino said...

just saw this...thanks for the shout out and I loved these picks!