Monday, December 15, 2008

New Amy Sol for Gelaskins

Yes!!!...Finally!!!...about a year ago I sent an e-mail to Gelaskins asking them if they could offer more skins by both Audrey Kawasaki and Amy Sol. I have the Audrey Kawasaki Odaijini iPod skin and I didn't want the Mario-like Amy Sol one because well...I'm just not a big fan of Mario....

But finally they've added a new Amy Sol skin called "Leave The Hair And Go Free"

I'm very very happy!


daydream lily said...

oow so sweet and pretty. I'm after the Stella Im Hultberg ipod skin.

and I agree about Chuck and Blair, sucks having to wait!!! and the Lilly and Rufus controversy?! much drama. haha.

Jamie said...

Hi Julianna,

Jamie here from GelaSkins...

Glad you like Amy's new skin! Feel free to *pester* Audrey to do another skin with us. She's a very busy girl these days!